• Chesterfield Sofas

    Chesterfield Sofas

    The high quality of our leather sofas, a charming combination of beauty and artisanship

  • Letti Chesterfield

    Chesterfield Bed

    The unique elegance of a Chester bed: attention to detail, a classic from the made in Italy.

  • Chesterfield Armchairs

    Chesterfield Armchairs

    The timeless charm of a unique flavor, the leather armchairs of pure Italian craftsmanship.


Passion and wisdom for quilted in upholstered furniture made ​​by hand. Ensuring the quality of a handmade product. The sofas Chester are really valuable complements easily adaptable to all types of decor. They have the particularity to be reconciled perfectly with classic and modern styles. The Chesterfield sofas are the most popular and certainly the most popular on the market today. As early as the seventeenth century, soon became popular in the UK especially among middle-class families in the reign of Queen Victoria. Its origins derive precisely from the city of Chester is located in Derbyshire, and legend has it that the name was chosen by the Earl of Chesterfield. The first catalogs in which it was possible to see these productions proposals exclusively with hand drawings, dating from the first half of 1800, here were highlighted the valuable work of Smee & Sons and H.Wood.

Currently the sofas Chester are characterized essentially by the processing known as capitonnè, which applies both to the back that the armrests, without any kind of division. This type of procedure is done completely by hand to form a conclusion of the work of elegant bearing diamonds or squares. Speaking of size, the classic Chesterfield sofas reach a height that is close around 50 cm, are usually shorter than average and despite the huge sofa cushion, maintain an enviable refinement and a unique design that makes it preferable by far its potential competitors. The production Chester is not limited only to the realization of sofas now but today you can find on the market ottomans and armchairs, sofas while the same can be custom made in two or three places and angular, with the intent to better meet the customer requirements and to obtain a perfect application to all spaces.

Chesterfield mean exclusivity, quality and luxury. A range of products that are particularly elegant added value of homes and offices. Tradition and fine craftsmanship treated personally by the professionalism of the great craftsmen who personally take care of the choice of leather upholstery made ​​from the best tanneries in Europe. Over time, the Chesterfield have been widely applied in increasingly diverse contexts while maintaining their inimitable style that today it is possible to appreciate in the lobby of the best hotel in modern professional offices and private homes.

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